Manual Therapy

This therapy will benefit the following diagnoses/conditions Back Pain,Spinal Disk , Muscle Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Temperomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)


Sport injuries from acute to chronic injuries We offer rehabilitation programs to fully return to play We prescribe exercises to reduce the risk of sport injuries and enhance performance


Individuals that suffer from neurological disorders or any chronic medical conditions can improve their lifestyle with an appropriate rehabilitation program. We have range of devices in combination with exercise that we can offer to meet these goals.

Physical Analysis

Full body diagnostic test to outline where the real cause of your health problems. This techniques is based on combination of old Chinese medical knowledge and leading edge western technology

Home visit physiotherapy

Providing physiotherapy sessions to clients who cant, or find it difficult to attend physiotherapy sessions in the center


About Us

Dr Ahmed Rustam

Physical Therapy and Rehab Centre (PTRC), is one of the leading physical therapy and rehabilitation center in Bahrain and Gulf Region. PTRC has been licensed by Ministry of Health in Bahrain since 1991. PTRC is the the first private independent physical therapy and rehabilitation center established in Kingdom of Bahrain and GCC, Founded by Dr. Ahmed Rustam. he earned PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine from Faculty of Medicine at University of Southampton in UK. Dr Rustam has more than +30 years experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation


    +20 experience in physiotherapy Dr Ahmed Rustam

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